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Veeam Backup Job Configuration within Windows server

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This knowledge base article provides step-by-step instructions on configuring a backup job using Veeam Backup & Replication on a Windows Server. Ensure all prerequisites are met before proceeding with the configuration.



  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows installed on the server.
  • Sufficient permissions to perform backup operations.
  • Backup repository and storage are properly set up and accessible.


Configuration Steps

  • Initiate the configuration process using the New Agent Backup Job wizard for Veeam Agent or the New Windows Server wizard for server-specific backups.



  • Input the name for the backup job.


  • Choose the Backup Mode according to the requirement:- Entire machine: Backup the whole server.
    – Volume level backup: Backup certain volume.
    – File level backup: Backup certain files.



  • Choose Veeam Cloud Connect repository.


  • Specify the DNS name provided to locate the Service Provider. (Refer to the appendix for the steps to verify the repositories address)



  • The message “You have connected to service provider *Service Provider Address” will be shown for a successful connection to the Service Provider. Input the Username and Password as per
    provided. (For the username, input the value after the slash of the username. E.g., provision-cloud\provision, the username will be provision)



  • The available storage will be shown once the credentials has been authenticated without any issue. Restore points is referring to the amount of backup copies and you may follow the default restore policy or modify according to the need.



  • Leave the options as default for “Backup Cache” and “Guest Processing” in the screenshots below. You may amend according to your need.


  • Choose the preferred timing you would like to run the backup job. You may amend the options according to your need.



  • Go through the summary about the job configuration and tick the option “Run this job when I click Finish” if wish to start the job along with the configuration completion.



  • Finally, check the backup job progress by pressing the progress bar to view the details process.




Following these steps will ensure the creation of a robust backup job within the Veeam Backup & Replication environment on a Windows Server. Always verify each step and ensure backups are tested for integrity and reliability.