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How To Configure IIS To Listen On Specific IP Address

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Windows Server 2008 / IIS 7

Step 1 – Run command prompt and type “netsh”.



Step 2 – Type “http”.



Step 3 – Enter the following command to display the list of IP addresses to listen on. If no IP addresses are displayed, IIS will listen on all IP addresses by default.

netsh http>show iplisten


Step 4 – Use the command below to configure IIS to listen on a specific IP address. Replace with the desired IP address and run the command again for additional IP addresses.

netsh http>add iplisten ipaddress=


Step 5 – If you need to delete an IP address from the list, use the following command.

netsh http>delete iplisten ipaddress=


Step 6 – Restart IIS to apply changes.