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How to disable public display errors with .htaccess?

To prevent public display of PHP errors under a Linux hosting plan, you will need to upload a .htaccess file, with the following instruction below. # disable display of startup errors php_flag display_startup_errors off   # disable display of all other errors php_flag display_errors off   # disable html markup of errors php_flag html_errors off […]

MSSQL (Microsoft SQLServer) ConnectionString in ASP/

SQL ODBC connection strings:Standard Security "Driver=; Server=Your_Server_Name; Database=Your_Database_Name; Uid=Your_Username; Pwd=Your_Password;""Driver=; Server=Your_Server_Name; Database=Your_Database_Name; Uid=Your_Username; Pwd=Your_Password;" SQL OLE DB connection strings: "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Your_Database_Name; UserId=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password;""Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=; Initial Catalog=Your_Database_Name; UserId=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password;" SQL SqlConnection .NET strings: "Server=; Database=Your_Database_Name; UserID=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password; Trusted_Connection=False""Server=; Database=Your_Database_Name; UserID=Your_Username; Password=Your_Password; Trusted_Connection=False" SQL SqlConnection for SQL 2008: "Provider=SQLNCLI10; Server=; Database=database_name; UId=user_id; Pwd=password;""Provider=SQLNCLI10; […]

How to connect to MSSQL Server with MSSQL Management Studio?

Connecting to the SQL server via SQL Management Studio is possible. For example, your domain name is , All you need to do is:Login to Plesk with your domain name, and the passwordGo to Database, Create a new database & Database user and passwordPlease take note on the username & password which you […]

How to add a wildcard DNS record?

Wildcard DNS records are only available on our Linux hosting. It is disabled by default on the shared hosting server. Please send a request to our support team at if you need this service.

How to transfer domain registered with Yahoo?

In order to transfer the domain to our server,  You have to change the nameserver on Yahoo’s domain control panel to our DNS settings which we have sent you. Here are the steps:Go to Yahoo’s Domain Control PanelUnlock the domainGo to Manage Advanced DNS SettingsScroll down the page until you see ‘Change Name Server’Put the […]

How to send mail using ASP?

To send a message from your domain via ASP, here is a sample code. Assume that:Domain name: Mail server Host-name: E-mail account: password: pass4567 <% Dim objMessage   Set objMessage = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")   With objMessage.Configuration.Fields ‘Send the message using the network (SMTP over the network). .Item("") = 2 .Item("") = "" .Item("") […]

How to do a page redirection?

To create a page redirection, for example, you like to redirect to Create a file named index.php in the public_html folder.2) Place the following command in the index.php <? header("Location:"); ?><? header("Location:"); ?>