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How To Import Existing Resources Into An Account In WebsitePanel

Step 1 – Login into WebsitePanel with ServerAdmin account.

Step 2 – click on “All Customers”.


Step 3 – Click on the username that you wish to import the resources into.


Step 4 – Click on “Spaces”.


Step 5 – Click on the user’s spaces to show the resources the user has.


Step 6 – On the user hosting space page, click on “Import Resources”.


Step 7 – Expand the “Resources” folder and type of resource. For this example, we have chosen “MySQL 5 Database”.

Step 8 – Tick on the resource that you wish to import resources into.


Step 9 – Click “Import Resources”.


Step 10 – A window will pop up once the import process is completed.


Step 11 – You may now check if the new resources are updated accordingly.


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