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How to backup MSSQL Database from Server?

  1. Login to Plesk control panel
  2. Click on “Back up
  3. Create Backup
  4. Select the backup method to – “Do not store the backup file in the repository, only download it
  5. Enter something in the Backup File Name, Say “
  6. Un-Check the “Suspend Domain
  7. Un-Check the “Notify e-mail
  8. Wait for a moment for the system to generate the backup files
  9. Once the backup is completed, The system will prompt you to Download the backup files to the local Disk.
  10. Open “
  11. You will be able to see a file named as your database name
  12. This is a Database Dump files, you will need to open it under Query Analyser / SQL Studio Express to execute it.
  13. All the data / tables structure will be restored once the execution is completed.

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