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How to install SSL on mail services in WHM Cpanel

1. Login to your WHM Cpanel, you will have to be in root level

2. You need to generate a Certificate Request first. Search for “SSL” as keyword , then choose Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request. Insert all the details required. 2

3. Copied and saved the Certificate Request and Private key 3

4. Purchase an SSL certificate with CA root certificate. If you are interested you can buy the SSL certificate with IP SERVER ONE Solutions, our SSL provider is Alpha SSL.

5. Then, back to CPanel, at the left side panel, go to “Manage SSL Certificates”. Check on the options Exim and Dovecot, then insert all the certificate details in the blank field.

5.1. Insert SSL certificate that you have purchased, private key that you obtained in Steps 3, and SSL CA root cert which will be included in the SSL certificate. Click “Install” afterwards. WebHost_Manager_–_meridian-svr_-_2014-01-05_13.28.43

6. After that, you need to enable port 465, 993, 995 in exim. 465 is secure outgoing SMTP port 993 is secure incoming IMAP port 995 is secure incoming POP3 port Click save at the bottom of the page afterwards. 222

7. Your SSL on mail services is ready now. You can verify using Checktls Screenshot from 2014-01-09 14:36:12