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How to SSH into Linux Server in Windows platform

1.) In windows, there’s no SSH command for user to remote to a linux based server. Windows user will need to download a third party software in order to SSH into a linux based server. One of the commonly used and free third party software would be “Putty”. First download the “Putty” software from the site as below:

2.) There will be no installation needed as the Putty software is a portable software. You may just double click to open the “Putty.exe” file, you will have a Putty configuration page as below:

3.) Insert the server IP address or the server’s hostname which is valid and will point to the server IP, then key in the port number where the server SSH port is listening to, example port 22. Select the SSH as the connection type then click on “Open”.

4.) Then Windows will prompt out a terminal with a “Putty Security Alert” for the first time server remote, click on “Yes” to add the host key to the registry or click on “No” to not adding the server host key, whereby “Putty Security Alert” will prompt out again for the next time log into the server.

5.) You may now enter the login user name and the password, then successfully SSH into the server.

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