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Purchase Domain with IPServerOne Premium DNS Hosting

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A domain name can simply be purchased from IPServerOne. We should note that nameservers are needed for a domain to work. From here, we are laying three available options to choose from :

  1. Purchase domain by using your own nameservers
  2. Purchase domain with a Standard DNS Hosting from IPServerOne
  3. Purchase domain with a Premium DNS Hosting from IPServerOne
  4. Purchase domain with a Free DNS Hosting from IPServerOne (valid for hosting a website only)

This is a guide for those who do not own any nameservers and would like to opt for IPServerOne Premium DNS Hosting for nameservers.

Premium DNS Hosting comes with a feature, named URL Redirection. URL Redirection allows you to redirect your domain or subdomain to any URL you like.

For example, to

1-  To purchase a new domain name, start off by logging in to IPSERVERONE portal ( 

2-  After successfully logged in, click on New Order (next to IPSERVERONE logo) 

3-  Then, click on Domain Name. 

4-  Before registering a domain name, do check its availability in the search field. 

5-   Once you have clicked the Search button, available names and extensions will appear. From here, simply click on the ‘+‘ button of your choosing. 

An order summary tab will appear on the right after clicking the ‘+’ button. 

6-  To create a domain name, it is essential to have a nameserver to operate the domain. If you do not own any nameservers in hand, you can opt for IPServerOne’s Premium DNS Hosting. 

*We should note that by opting for Premium DNS Hosting, you will be charged by cloud credit in your portal remaining balance.

8-  Continue your steps by clicking on Registration Profile. 

You may select any contacts created or you may create different contact profiles for different source persons. It can also be you, yourself. 

If you’re a first-timer, fill in the contact information with your details to set a default profile for your new domain registration. 

Please make sure your account profile is complete before pursuing the domain. An error will appear if your profile is incomplete, so do update the missing details by clicking Edit Profile.

*You will have to redo the steps again to purchase domain. 

9-  After clicking Next from the Order Summary, a pop up will appear to confirm the cloud credit charge for Premium DNS Hosting at RM0.50/daily. Do make sure you have sufficient cloud credit in your account or select an amount to top up cloud credit. 

Credit Top-Up will be added to the cart, alongside purchase of domain. Click Next.

If you have sufficient cloud credit balance to support Premium DNS Hosting, continue to click Skip. 

10- Next, you will be directed to Domain Configuration section. Kindly review these details and confirm your domain configuration by clicking Confirm. 


11-  Domain is successfully added to cart, you may now proceed to checkout to secure the availability of your domain name.