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How to view all user password in Smartermail using TSMADump

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If you are the system administrator of a Smarter mail, you can use TSMA Dump to administer the Smarter mail, this guide will show the example of using TSMADump to view all user password

1. Install TSMADump.exe

2. Open command prompt, go into the directory where TSMADump.exe is being installed

3. Type in the below command, example syntax as following:
TSMADump [/oOutputFile] [/c] [/q] command baseURL username password [params]
/o=output file
/c=comma in after every string
/q=add quote before and after every string
command=command to use
username=smartermail admin login username
password=smartermail admin login password
Example of full syntax

TSMADump /oOutput.txt /c /q USER [admin] [password] 

4. An output file will be generated in the same directory as TSMADump, in this example, Output.txt will be generated.

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