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How To Transfer a Domain From a User To Another User For DirectAdmin

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If you are using the Directadmin control panel, you may use a script to transfer a domain from a user to another user. However, you will need to have SSH access to the server in order to use this method.


Step 1 – The DirectAdmin installation will come with a script that transfers a domain from one user to another user. First, SSH into the server using root access, go to the DirectAdmin’s scripts directory as below:

 [root@testserver ~]# cd /usr/local/DirectAdmin/scripts/


Step 2 – Run the scripts as below:

 [root@testserver ~]# ./ olduser newuser

Replace with the domain name.

Replace olduser with current user name.

Replace newuser with the target user that you wished to transfer.


Step 3 – Create a new user with a fake domain before the transfer, you may delete the fake domain after the domain successfully transfered.