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How To SSH Into Your Cloud

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In this tutorial, we will teach you the most important step you NEED and MUST learn in order to access your cloud server. As it is an unmanaged hosting plan, there is only one way to access your server, which is via SSH.

Using Windows Platform

Step 1 – Download Putty from here and install the program.

Step 2 – Run the application and you will see the interface as below:


Step 3 – Enter your server’s IP Address in the box “Host Name (or IP address)”. The default port number is “22” and connection type is SSH.

Step 4 – Expand SSH and click on “Auth” and browse your server keypair “server.ppk”

Step 5 – Click open and a command prompt window will pop up. You will need your server’s username and password to login and gain access.

Step 5 – Login with your username and password. If successful, you have logged into your cloud server.


Using Linux/Mac Platform

Step 1 – Run your terminal program and enter the following command to access your server.

***SYNTAX # ssh Ip-Address-Here -lLogin-UserName -pPort-Number

For syntax -lroot, you can access CentOS using root as login. For Ubuntu equipped server, you will need a username and password. (e.g. -ljohnnytan , -ldavidyong)

For syntax -p22  – This is not required if your SSH port number is the default 22. If your SSH port number is different than the default port number, include the syntax -pPort-number. (e.g. -p9321, -p1234)

Step 2 – If you see the following text, type “Yes” to add the server into a file called known_hosts. You will be prompted for the password for the server.


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