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How to solve “JFTP Bad response” in Joomla

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When trying to install new extensions in Joomla, some users might come across some errors indicating a “Bad Response”, where the extensions are not successfully installed. These errors include:

-JFTP::mkdir: Bad response

-JFTP::chmod: Bad response

-JFTP::store: Bad response

You could try to change the chmod permission to 777 (755 the default chmod) of your configuration.php file, and also the corresponding directory recursively.

Start by editing the configuration.php file. Simply search for the FTP settings within this file and input the FTP login details in the following fields:

public $ftp_host = '';

public $ftp_port = ’21’;

public $ftp_user = ”;

public $ftp_pass = ”;

public $ftp_root = ”;

public $ftp_enable = ‘1’;

If the errors still persists after this step, try disabling FTP in the same configuration.php file

var $ftp_enable = ‘1’;
# change 1 to 0 to disable FTP

FTP can also be disabled from the global configuration option in Joomla itself