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How to Install VestaCP (Vesta Control Panel)

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Vesta WEB API is available to perform core functions of the Control Panel. We use it internally to synchronize DNS clusters, to integrate the WHMC billing system and to reset mail account passwords in Roundcube. The API can be used as well to create new user accounts, domains, databases or even to build an alternative web interface. Kindly follow the steps below to perform installation and access to VestaCP.

Step 1: Connect to server root via SSH and key in the below command to download the installation file

curl -O

Step 2: Run the downloaded file


Step 3: Below is the first screen after running


  1. Press “y” and then Enter to confirm the installation.
  2. Type in an e-mail. VestaCP will send log in details to the e-mail inputted after installation is complete.
  3. Enter hostname. Follow the name inside the bracket if you are not sure what to type.

The installation will take roughly 15 minutes. When the installation is done you will see this message:

It will show the IP for accessing VestaCP by typing it into your browser’s URL as well as the username and password required to log in.

The same info is also sent to the e-mail that you have typed earlier.

Step 4: Type the given URL into your website browser (including https:// and port number). You might get a warning about non-private connection, click “Show advanced” and then “Proceed to (your URL) (unsafe)” to continue to VestaCP login page.

Next, key in your login details.

Step 5: You will be redirected to the main page of VestaCP. From here you can manage your users, domains, databases and many more. More info on how to use it will be covered in another topic.