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How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in cPanel

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1. Log in to the cPanel.

2. Click on SSL/TLS Status

3. Verify your SSL certificate status; by default, self-signed SSL certificate will be created for all the new accounts in cPanel. In order to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, we have to uninstall the current self-signed SSL certificate.

4. To uninstall the current self-signed SSL certificate, click on SSL/TLS.

5. Click on Manage SSL sites.

6. Uninstall the current self-signed SSL certificate

7. Now, we will start to install the SSL certificate, click on Let’s Encrypt.

8. Click on New SSL certificate.

9. Select your domain name and alt-domains that you like to install the SSL certificate for. Please make sure the domain name is resolved to the current SME Hosting IP address, else you will be getting an error.

10. Return to the front page of cPanel and click on Let’s Encrypt, the SSL certificate details will appear.

11. Verify the SSL certificate by browsing your site with HTTPS or you can verify with online tools:

Please bear in mind, the validity of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is 90 days, you can get the explanation about it here. But, no worries, the cPanel will help you renew it automatically and it will be renewed within 5 days before the expiry date.