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How to Fix “User too large, delete on background” in DirectAdmin

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By default, if the sum of the disk usage of any user being deleted in DirectAdmin exceeds a certain threshold, the account will be deleted by a background process.

To prevent time-outs in your browser when deleting excessively large accounts, DirectAdmin will execute the deletion by adding the command to the background’s task.queue, instead of performing the execution on the foreground. When DirectAdmin delegates this task to a background process, it will show you this message:

user too large, delete on background
The process will actually just be the dataskq

The configuration can be changed by modifying the value of the “get_background_delete_size” in the directadmin.conf settings file.

To perform the change, you can connect to the server through SSH using root access, then go to DirectAdmin’s installed directory as below:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/conf/

Then edit the directadmin.conf file in the directory by running

vi directadmin.conf

If the variable “get_background_delete_size” value exists in the directadmin.conf file, it will be set to 10 GB by default (get_background_delete_size=10240). If the variable cannot be found in the file, simply add it in. You can modify the value of 10240 to define the value that you wish to set.

For example, if you want to set the get_background_delete_size to 20 gigabytes, modify the value to:


The 20480 is a variable that means 20 GB is set. You can also disable the feature by setting the value to 0.

For more information, you can check out All directadmin.conf values.