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Download Backup Files from R1soft

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To download the files stored in Recovery Points as a tar or a zip archive. Follow the instructions below :-

1. Select the Recovery Point you want to save files from and click “Browse.” See the picture below:-

2. Check the boxes next to the files or folders you want to download and click “Download Selected”.

3. The “Download Stored Files” wizard will appear. Familiarise yourself with the introductory information and click “Next” to proceed with generating the archive for downloading.

4. On the “File Type” screen, select the type of the archive file. The following options are available:

  • Download files as a tar – Allows you to download data as a tar file. This would be more preferable for Linux users.
    • Compress tar file with gzip – Check this box to compress the tar file with gzip compression.
  • Download files as a zip – Allows you to download data as a zip file. This would be more preferable for Windows users.

Click “Next.”

5. On the next “Download Filename” screen, define the name of the archive. The following options are available:

  • Use Generated Filename – Select this option to generate the file name automatically.
  • The name will be in the following format.

Example: cdp-data-2011-07-09-03-00-06.tar.gz

  • Specify Filename – Select this option to input a custom file name.

Click “Next.”

6. On the last “Summary” screen, the settings you have selected are listed.

Click “Download” to obtain the archive.