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Changing File Permissions in DirectAdmin

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1. Login to DirectAdmin and select File Manager.

2. Select the file and folders to change the permission. To change permissions for all files in a folder, make sure to tick the Recursive checkbox.

When setting the permissions, there will be 3 numbers which define the permissions for different users.

The first number defines the permissions for the owner of the file. The second number defines the permissions for the group (which is a selected group of users). The last number is the permissions for the public. The breakdown of the numbers is below:

0 – no permission
1 – execute
2 – write
3 – write and execute
4 – read
5 – read and execute
6 – read and write
7 – read, write, and execute

For example, setting the permissions for a file to 754 means:

  • The Owner can read, write and execute the file
  • The Group can read and execute the file
  • The public can only read the file