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Clustered Hosting Guide – How to order a Clustered Hosting package

This article will explain the steps to order a Clustered Hosting package from IPServerOne through its online ordering system.

1) First navigate to IPServerOne ordering webpage at Select the Domain Registration & Hosting Order option and click the Continue button at the bottom screen.

Domain Registration & Hosting Order Page

2) As we are only ordering a hosting package (no domain name), we will select the Order Hosting Package only option.

3) Enter a domain name that this hosting package will host. This can be any domain name as IPServerOne assumes you have the ownership for this domain name. Once the domain name is entered, click the “Host” button. The domain name will be added to the Order Items section.

4) Select Linux Hosting (platform), Linux Clustered Hosting Plan (product), 1 Year @ RM449.00 (payment cycle) at the Shared Hosting Package section and click the “Add” button. The selected hosting package will be added to the Order Items section. You can then click the Continue button to proceed.

Order Confirmation Page

5) You will be next directed to a Order Confirmation page showing the summary of your order. On this screen, you will then enter your information. If this is the first time you make an order with IPServerOne, choose the New Customer option and click continue. If you are an existing customer, choose the Existing Customer option.

If you are a new customer…

If you choose the New Customer option, and click the Continue button, you will see a Creating New Customer Profile page to enter your information for creating a new customer profile.

Creating New Customer Profile Page

Once you have entered all the required information, click the Continue button to proceed.

If you are an existing customer…

Choose the Existing Customer option and you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. Click Continue to proceed.

If your email and password are correct, your profile will be retrieved. Verify everything is correct and click the Continue button to proceed.

Verify Customer Profile Page

Domain & Hosting Order Page

6) After you have created a new customer profile (new customer) or login with your existing customer profile, you will be directed to Domain & Hosting Order page to submit your order. Make sure the term of use (I have READ, UNDERSTOOD and AGREED to the terms & conditions before signing up the hosting service.) is checked and click the Submit Order button to continue.

Order Tracker Page

7) Once your order is submitted, you will see the Order Tracker page that shows you the order summary and your payment option.

You can submit your payment with any one of these payment options.

You will receive an email from IPServerOne regarding for your new order.

As this is a prepaid hosting package, you need to submit payment for the order for the hosting package to be in service.