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Why does Outlook keep receiving duplicate messages?

There are a couple of situations which may cause Outlook to download duplicate messages:

1. Outlook Downloads Messages from a POP3 Server Twice


2. Mail Retrieval Problems Occur When You Receive POP Mail


3. Password Prompt, Duplicate Messages Appear If Outlook Profile Has Two POP3 Accounts


4. POP3 Headers Are Duplicated


5. You are Using Anti-Virus Software Many anti-virus programs can cause this issue as well. If the message is large, the software causes a ‘timeout’. As a result you recieve the message over and over.

How can I stop this situation? The easiest and fastest solution to this problem is to log-in to the mail server and delete your mail message that is causing the problem – or all of them for a fresh start. (NOTE: make sure that you have downloaded your messages first)

Other things to prevent duplicate emails:

1. Increase your server timeout settings to 10 minutes:

–  Tools|E-mail accounts View or change existing e-mail accounts

–  Select the account corresponding to your account Click the Change button.

–  E-mail Accounts More Settings Internet E-mail Settings Outgoing Server My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication Use same settings as my incoming mail server

–  Advanced Outgoing server (SMTP): 25 This server requires a secure connection (SSL) Server Timeouts (Increase from 1 minute to 10 minutes)

2. Configure Outlook so as not to check e-mail more frequently than ten minutes.

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