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What is the impact of using weak email password

Did you ever encounter error 535 Incorrect authentication when you’re trying to send mail in webmail? Have you ever felt weird that you are able to log into the webmail but unable to send mail with the error “Incorrect Authentication”? Most of this case would be cause by weak password that you are using.

1.) How to define weak password?

Simple password that commonly use by people, which might place your email accounts to be in high risk or in other words, higher chances to be compromised. Some example of simple password would be like ‘123456’, ‘111111’, ‘abcde’, ‘password’, and etc.

2.) How’s our server react to weak password email account users?

Most of our servers have implement some scripts to check on email account users’ password, and will block those who are using weak password from sending email. The scripts will also block for those who are using password which repeating the username, like example a username given with password sample123 or ipserver123.

3.) What is the best solution?

Avoid using the password that appears in the list of the common weak password. Avoid using password which repeating the same as the username. Use password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and also symbols.

Let us protect ourselves together!!