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How to configure smartermail email in iPhone device

Step 1 : Open your phone Settings


Step 2 : Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings.



Step 3 : Select Add Account under Mail, Notes


Step 4 : A list of account types appear. Select Other.


Step 5 : Next, select Add Mail Account.


Step 6 : At the new account settings, insert the account name which you’ll recognize it as Smartermail Email.

image1 (1)

Step 7 : Click Next,choose Imap tab and fill in the information for Incoming & Outgoing Mail Server.Please use your hostname for incoming and outgoing mail server (e.g

image3 (1)IMG_4464

Step 8 : Once you clicked Next, you will be prompted with warning Cannot Verify Server Idendity, select Continue for both Incoming and Outgoing server.


Step 9 : Select Save to confirm on the settings. Keep the Mail service enable on the settings save.


Step 10 : You will be directed back to your iPhone Settings page now. The account name that you added should appears in the Settings.



Step 11 : Go into your account settings (smartermail email),tap on your account name and  (a)select the Advanced Settings of Incoming settings.(b) Make sure the Incoming Settings having the information below:

For IMAP a. Use SSL : Yes  b. Authentication Type : Password  c. IMAP Path Prefix : None  d. Server Port : 993

a.image2 (2)          b.IMG_1384


Step 12 : Then, go to  SMTP and click on Primary Server Tap.Make sure the SMTP Settings having the information below: a. Host Name : b. User Name : *Insert your email address* (eg. c. Password : *Insert your email password* d. Use SSL : Yes Authentication Type : Password Server Port : 465

 image2 (2)                                       image1 (1)


Step 13: Press Done and the email settings is now complete.