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Jaring : How to configure email in Thunderbird Email Client

Step 1 : Open your Thunderbird.

Step 2 : Select on the tab which you assigned name for your Thunderbird. Click Email under the Create a new account section.


Step 3 : A Thunderbird account settings Windows will be prompted out. Select the Skip this and use my existing email button to continue to next page.


Step 4 : Key in the account name, email address and password for the Thunderbird account reference. Select Continue for the next settings.


Step 5 : Next, Select the Manual config.


Step 6 : Key in the settings according to information below:

Incoming Protocol Service : POP3
Incoming Server Hostname:
Incoming Port : 995
Incoming SSL : SSL / TLS

Incoming Authentication : Normal Password

Outgoing Protocol Service : SMTP
Outgoing Server Hostname:
Outgoing Port : 465
Outgoing SSL : SSL / TLS

Outgoing Authentication : Normal Password

Username to be filled in should use the full email address.


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