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How to Transfer Service/Ownership from Current Owner to New Owner in Customer Portal

1.) Log in to your customer portal at


2.) Click on the “domain” or “hosting” tab to search for the service(s) you would like to transfer.


3.) Select the service you wish to transfer.

NOTE: The transfer of service/ownership is only applicable on the “Expiring soon” or “Active” services.


4.) Click “Owner Transfer” to proceed to the next step.


5.) Enter the new owner information, tick to agree on the Terms & Conditions and click “Submit” to proceed.


6.) Please check your email to approve the transfer request.

NOTE: You may “cancel request” at this step if you wish to.


7.) Here are the sample email to approve the transfer. Click on the link provided to proceed.


8.) Your transfer request is approved and we will notify the new owner to accept the transfer.

NOTE: You may “cancel request” at this step if you wish to.


9.) Here are the sample email sent to new owner. The new owner will need to click on the link to accept the transfer.

NOTE: If there is no action in the next 3 days, the transfer process will be CANCELLED.


10.) We will prompt new owner login to the customer portal once they accept the transfer request and agree to renew the service for minimum one (1) year upon successful transfer process.


11.) New owner has accepted the transfer and proceed with the payment process.


12.) Choose your preferred payment method to proceed.


13.) Payment made successfully. Please allow 48 hours for order processing.


14.) Service transfer process completed. The service is now owned by new owner.


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