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How to setup mail footer/signature using exim.conf

1. SSH to your server.

2. vi /etc/exim.conf, and include line below.

  driver = smtp
  transport_filter = /scripts/

Save it and exit.

3. Go to root, create folders and files accordingly as below:

cd /
mkdir scripts
cd scripts

4. Create 3 files, footer.html footer.txt.

The content of is as below:
TEMP=`/bin/date "+%s.%N"`
/bin/cat >/tmp/altermime.$TEMP
/bin/altermime --input=/tmp/altermime.$TEMP --disclaimer=/scripts/footer.txt --disclaimer-html=/scripts/footer.html --log-syslog
/bin/cat /tmp/altermime.$TEMP
/bin/rm -f /tmp/altermime.$TEMP

While content of footer.html and footer.txt is the mail footer/signature you wish to include inside. Save everything and restart exim service.

service exim restart

You may test it by sending a test mail to yourself.

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