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Pending Payment

Billing & payment allows you to access the details of your Pending Payment and Transaction History.

Step 1: In the Pending Payment section, you can View Details, Download and make Payment.

Step 2: By clicking +Select All button, you can make payment for all current pending invoices/proforma invoices. Additionally, you can also search for the required invoice/proforma by using the Search bar.

Step 3: To make payment for only one invoice/proforma, click on the [+] button.

Step 4: The selected invoice/proforma will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on Proceed To Payment to make payment.

View Details: You are able to check the invoice/proforma details prior to making payment.After checking the details, click on Pay now button to make payment.

Download: You can also download the proforma invoice in PDF file format for reference.