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How to make credit card payment using Public Bank payment gateway

Follow the following step if you wish to make payment through Public Bank payment gateway.

Step 1 – Select Credit Card / Public Bank (PBB) payment getaway.


Step 2 – Fill in credit card details in following screen and click “Pay Now”.


Wait few seconds for payment processing.


*Note: The processing speed is depends on internet speed.

Step 3 – Credit card validation via OTP code sent from Public Bank to your phone

You will receive a sms with OTP code (6 digits) from Public Bank (66300) shortly.


Please verify the 4 characters in the sms received and it must be same with the web information. If same, enter OTP code and click “Proceed”.


*Note: If you do not receive any sms from Public Bank, please kindly contact Public Bank to update your personal contact number.

Step 5 – Payment done and redirect to payment successful screen.


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