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How to renew SSL certificate in Website Panel

1. Login to your website panel, then click on System 1

2. At the left side panel, click on Web Sites 2

3. You can find the domain you want to renew SSL at search column. 3

4. The domain will be displayed in the center page as search result, click into it. 4

5. Click on the SSL tab, then click on Renew Certificate 5

6. Choose the type of SSL certificate you want to renew. Note: The options with the “*” sign is wildcard SSL Insert all the required details and click Generate Renewal CSR 6

7. You will see CSR succsfully generated messages. The certificate request will be showed in the box. 7

8. Insert your SSL certificate in the box and click Install 8

9. If the installation is successful, a message will be shown as image below and your website is now ready with HTTPS 9

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