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How to install SSL certificates on DirectAdmin platform

Step 1: Login to DirectAdmin control panel and click “SSL Certificates”

Step 2: Please choose the 2nd radio button on the left panel and choose “Create A Certificate Request” and fill in the form, example:

   2 Letter Country Code : MY
     State/Province : Selangor
     City : Petaling Jaya
     Company : ABC SDN. BHD.
     Company Division : IT  
     *Common Name :  
     *E-Mail :
     *Key Size (bits) :2048

Step 3: After click save, the CSR will successfully generated. Copy This CSR code in your PC first.

Step 4: Open the GlobaLSign Certificates Link that you purchased and key in the PIN

Step 5: Fill in the form and click “Continue”


Step 6: Paste the CSR code that generated in step 3 to the text field, click “Continue”

Step 7: It will show the CSR information that generated previously, confirm the data is correct, then continue

Step 8: choose “” as the SSL certificate confirmation and code will sent to this email address

Step 9: Tick the check box to agree the agreement, then click “Continue”

Step 10: The GlobalSign SSL certificate application completed

Step 11: Please login to your email account to approve the SSL certificate.

Step 12: Once approved, you will receive another email which is the SSL Certificate code  which look like below:

12.1: – SSL Certificate, you can find it by scroll down and locate “Your SSL Certificate(Formatted for the majority of the web server software including IIS and Apache based servers), copy

12.2: – CA Certificate, you can find it by locate “AlphaSSL Intermediate Certificate, copy


Step 13: Open DirectAdmin control panel, click on “SSL certificates” agaiin

Step 14: Choose “Paste a pre-generated Certificate and key, paste the SSL certificate code which show on 12.1 below “–End RSA PRIVATE KEY–” anc click save

Step 15: After this, click on “Click Here” to paste the CA Certificate

Step 16: Tick the “Use a CA Cert” check box and paste the CA Certificate which show on 12.2, then click save

Step 17: Click “here” to enable SSL certificate that newly installed.

Step 18: Tick “Secure SSL” then click “save”. After that,
Case 1: http:// and https:// show same content, choose “Use a symbolic link from private_html to public_html – allows for same data in http and https” and click save. Done!
Case 2: http:// and https:// will have show different website, choose “Use a directory named private_html” anc click save. Done!