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How to secure your FTP access

Refer to here to learn about how to FTP into your Server using Filezilla Client
How to FTP into your Server

Refer here to install vsFTPd on your Server
How to Install and Configure vsFTPd

Refer here to learn how to generate Self Signed SSL Certificate
How To Create Self Signed SSL Certificate

Now we have a FTP Client that are able to connect to your Server’s vsFTPd using Self Signed SSL.
By default, user root should’ve disabled and no longer able to login. DO NOT PANIC just yet as this are disabled automatically when you install vsFTPd.

To be able to access your server using secure FTP with SSL/TLS, add new user by typing this in your terminal

useradd Username-Here

After that, set your password using following command

passwd Username-Here

After that, you’ll be able to login and access your default folder only which is located at ‘/home/Username-Here’
If you want your new user able to access other folders, give them chroot access by adding their username in ‘/etc/vsftpd.chroot_list’

To login with Filezilla Client, type this in the client with following format :
Hostname : ftpes://your-server-ip-here
Username : Username
Password : Password

After you’ve successfully connected, your login and data are both encrypted


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