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How to modify the default security group


  1. You need to login to your OpenStack account. You can follow the tutorial here


Step 1: From the Dashboard, under Project tab, expand the Network option (Project > Network).


Step 2: Under Network tab, select the Security Groups option (Project > Network > Security Groups).


Step 3: From the Security Groups settings, click on Manage Rules to modify the rules for default security group (Project > Network > Security Groups > Manage Security Group Rules: default).


Step 4: You can view the existing rules for this security group here.


Step 5a: To remove a rule, click Delete Rule.

Step 5b1: To add a new rule, click Add Rule.


Step 5b2: Define your new security rule then Add.

Note: If you do not know what to do here, please contact our support at for assistance.


You can also create a new security group depending on your use case. There is a tutorial on how to create a new security group here.