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How to create a new security group


  1. You need to login to your OpenStack account. You can follow the tutorial here.


Step 1: From the Dashboard, under Project tab, expand the Network option (Project > Network).


Step 2: Under Network tab, select the Security Groups option (Project > Network > Security Groups).


Step 3: From the Security Groups settings, click on Create Security Group to create a new security group (Project > Network > Security Groups > Create Security Group).


Step 4: Enter a Name and Description (optional) for this security group. Then click Create Security Group to proceed.


Step 5: You should be able to see your newly created security group in the list.


Step 6: Click on Manage Rules to modify the rules for the new security group.


Step 7: You can view the existing rules for the new security group here.

Note: To modify the rules of the new security group, follow step 5 from this tutorial.


*Creating a new security group and adding new rules are not mandatory, and the rules may vary depending on your setup,application or use case. If you need more clarification regarding this topic, please contact our support at for inquiry.

**If you do not need a new security group, there is a tutorial on how to modify the default security group here.