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Block IP address at Directadmin using

This tutorial will show you how to block IP address from DirectAdmin control panel. This guide is only for Centos 6 Please be informed that DirectAdmin do not support this implementation, you will need to at your own risk. It is better to backup anything first. 1 – Replace IPTables script as follow [root ~]# […]

Allow Cloudflare IPs in Firewall

This guide will show you how to only allow Cloudflare IPs to access port 80 using IPTables. Please make sure that all domains is already pointed to Cloudflare, or this guide will make your domains inaccessible. Cloudflare IPs 1 – Create a new file to be your new firewall :- #vi /root/firewall 2 – Paste […]

How to setup filezilla server on windows server 2008

1)   How to setup filezilla on windows server 2008. Start off by grabbing the server at 2)   Running the installer :- 3)   SGTM 4)   Looks good. Continue reading below or comment with questions here. 5)   Select where you want to install the server 6)   I prefer to turn off the server admin interface : […]