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How to remove a folder with millions of files

When connected to a Linux terminal, if the folder contain too many files, using rm command will not be able to remove them. To remove it: cd /<span style="color: #ff6600;">directory<br /><span style="color: #000000;"># where <span style="color: #ff6600;">directory </span>is the directory of the folder that you want to remove</span></span> find . -type f -print -deletecd /<span […]

Open port for incoming connections in iptables:

1. SSH to your server2. Issue to following command to open port (this will open port 25 for incoming connection):iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –dport 25 -j ACCEPTiptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp –sport 25 -j ACCEPT3. edit /etc/rc.local, append the two iptables command at the end of the file, so it’s rules will be applied […]

How to upload files using FileZilla client (Linux)?

Step 1: Start up FileZilla Client.Note: You can download the FileZilla client from Client Download.Step 2: Fill in the FTP host, username and password, then click on “Quickconnect”, it will be shown as:OverviewPanel 1. local PC directoryPanel 2. hosting server directoryPanel 3. files inside local PC particular directoryPanel 4. files inside hosting server particular directoryThere are […]

DirectAdmin’s admin password:

1. SSH into server and paste the code as [root@testserver ~]# cat /var/log/DirectAdmin/install.log[root@testserver ~]# cat /var/log/DirectAdmin/install.log or [root@testserver ~]# /usr/local/DirectAdmin/DirectAdmin i[root@testserver ~]# /usr/local/DirectAdmin/DirectAdmin i 2. In order to reset the ‘admin’ password, you can use the code as below and key in the password twice then you will getting a successful notification. [root@testserver ~]# passwd […]