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CentOS (and other Linux machines) to Act as a Router

By default, if you have two or more network interfaces in CentOS, they do not know each other until you introduce and connect them together. To connect two network interfaces to forward packets back and forth, here are the two commands to use: Step 1:Open up the Linux terminal. Step 2:If you have a STATIC IP address on the […]

How To Add User in SoftEther VPN Server

First of all, you need to download the SoftEther VPN Server Manager.Click Here For DownloadInstall the client. Adding New Server.Step 1: Click on new setting Step 2: Fill the server information, make sure to tick ‘Server Admin Mode’ and fill in the server admin password. Step 3: Now you can connect to your VPN server.  Step 4: Obtain or […]

Allow Cloudflare IPs in Firewall

This guide will show you how to only allow Cloudflare IPs to access port 80 using IPTables. Please make sure that all domains is already pointed to Cloudflare, or this guide will make your domains inaccessible. Cloudflare IPs 1 – Create a new file to be your new firewall :- #vi /root/firewall 2 – Paste […]

How Configure Windows 7 client for L2TP / IPSEC VPN

1. Go To ‘Network and Sharing Center’ of your Windows 7 / 8 machine, and click on the ‘Set up a new connection or network’ 2. Choose the option ‘Connect to a workplace’ and click on the ‘Next’ button 3. Click on ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN)’ 4. Key in the following: Internet Address: Public […]

How Configure MAC client for L2TP / IPSEC VPN

1. Go to System Preference of your Mac and click on the Network option: 2. Click on the ‘+’ sign at bottom left corner: 3. Choose the following from the drop down list: Interface: VPN VPN: L2TP over IPSec 4. Key in your VPN server public IP address, and your VPN user name as ‘Account […]

How To Enforce SSL or HTTPS Using .htaccess And mod_rewrite

If your website deals with important informations such as credit card numbers or any real life personal information and/or has money based transaction and payment, it is best to ensure your visitors are browsing your site over a secure connection. An easy way to ensure your visitors’ connection to your website is secured, you can […]