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How to setup filezilla server on windows server 2008

1)   How to setup filezilla on windows server 2008. Start off by grabbing the server at 2)   Running the installer :- 3)   SGTM 4)   Looks good. Continue reading below or comment with questions here. 5)   Select where you want to install the server 6)   I prefer to turn off the server admin interface : […]

How To Create New FTP Account In cPanel

If you want to allow more than just one user to have access and is able to upload files into your web server, you need to create a new FTP account for him. It is really simple to create a new FTP account on cPanel and in this tutorial, we will teach you just that. […]

How To Use FTP With Internet Explorer

There are many ways to transfer files into your web server, using third party software like FileZilla or even Internet Explorer. In this tutorial guide, we will guide you how to access your web server and transfer file using Internet Explorer. Step 1 – Open Internet Explorer and enter the address of your web server […]

FTP upload stucked

My application show that it has finish FTP but FTP client hangs what can I do? 1. This is probably might cause by your network connection, kindly follow tutorial below to determine the cause. For Window User: test the connection using command prompt by pinging to the FTP server to Start Button > Run > […]

How to upload files using Filezilla client (Windows)?

Step 1: Open filezilla ClientNote: You can download the FileZilla client from Client Download.Step 2: Fill in the FTP host, username and password, then click on “Quickconnect”, it will show as the picture above.Panel 1. local PC directory Panel 2. hosting server directory Panel 3. files inside local PC particular directory Panel 4. files inside hosting […]