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Dashboard Overview

The image below is the overview of the Dashboard. New Order button will direct you to make new purchases. Shopping cart is where selected services are stored and can be checked out. Shows User’s Name and few selections on account settings, products renewals and log out.The services that are about to expire will be shown on the dashboard, […]

Logging In and Out of the Portal

Step 1: If you are an existing customer, open Customer Portal in a browser by going to Enter your User ID and Password in the boxes provided. Click on the Login button.Notes:• Passwords are “case-sensitive” (upper-case and lower-case letters are different).• If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password, enter your email address […]

How to reset password on customer portal

InstructionsStep 1: To reset the password, click on Forgot Password.Step 2: Enter User ID/Email Address. Then click on Reset Password.Step 3: You will receive a Reset Password Request in your email. Click on the link provided in the email and input your new password. Note: How to set a secure password:– Make the password 8 characters […]

How to Register and Login to your Customer Portal

OverviewWe have completely revamped our Customer Portal to provide a better experience for our customers. You can now manage your billings, payments, subscriptions and Cloud Instances all from one platform. PrerequisiteYou need to have a valid email address for account registration and login. InstructionsStep 1: Browse to the Customer Portal to register for an account. Step 2: Sign […]