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File Manager in WebsitePanel

WebsitePanel can also perform various file management functions such as create files, upload files, zipping and unzipping of files etc.Step 1: Under the user account, select “File Manager”.Step 2: Here you can choose to perform one of the various file management functions provided by WebsitePanel, for now let’s try out “Create File”.Step 3: A new message box will […]

Create Domain in WebsitePanel

 Step 1: Select the user account that you wish to add domain to.Step 2: Select the “Domains” icon.Step 3: Click the green “Add Domain” button.Step 4: Select which type of domain you wish to add, here we choose to create a top-level domain since we are doing it for the first time.Step 5: Type in […]

Add Virtual Server in WebsitePanel

Step 1:  Click “CONFIGURATION” on WebsitePanel main page, then click “Virtual Servers” from the drop down list. Step 2: This page shows you the virtual server currently managed by WebsitePanel, click on “Add Virtual Server” to add a new entry.Step 3: Add a comment for new virtual server if you want. Click “Add Server”when done.Step […]

How to Set Scheduled Task in WebsitePanel

 Step 1: Click into the user account you wish, then click on “Scheduled Tasks” icon.Step 2: This page shows the scheduled tasks you have set so far. Click “Add Scheduled Task” to add additional jobs.Step 3: Put in a name for the task, then select the task type from the drop down list. Depending on the […]

Create Hosting Space for Users in WebsitePanel

First we need to creating Hosting Space for users before we can create websites, FTP, databases etc.Step 1: Click on “Create Hosting Space” button.Step 2: Select a hosting plan for the user and then fill in the rest of the boxes. Click “Create Space” when done.

Add New User in WebsitePanel

Step 1: Click on “Create Customer” button on the main page of WebsitePanel.Step 2: Fill in the details for the new user. Click “Create” button at the bottom when done.Step 3: To confirm if user is created, go to main page of WebsitePanel and click on “All Customers”. The number in brackets shows how many […]

Install WebsitePanel

Before starting, please install the following:1) SQLExpress. Refer to this link to download the .exe file and this link for a guide on how to install. 2) Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, linkStep 1: Using Remote Desktop (run->mstsc), connect to your Windows Server.Step 2: Download the .exe installation file from . You will need to register an account first before able […]