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How to change mysql ‘da_admin’ user password

1)   Login to mysql server using current ‘da_admin’ type the following command  at shell prompt: Use mysql database(type command at mysql> prompt):          mysql> use mysql;  Change password for user da_admin, enter:          mysql> update user set password=PASSWORD(“NEWPASSWD”) where User=’da_admin’; Finally, reload the privilegies with: mysql> flush privileges; mysql> quit; After that, we need to […]

How To Install Softaculous In DirectAdmin

It’s really easy to install Softaculous on DirectAdmin and this tutorial will guide you step by step. You are going to need two things: 1) Ioncube loaders installed 2) DirectAdmin root access   Step 1 – Login into DirectAdmin with your “root” account via SSH. Step 2 – Execute the following commands: # cd /usr/local/directadmin/plugins # […]

How To Fixed DirectAdmin Cloudlinux Resources Usage Graft “No Activity”

Step 1 – You need to kill lve process. killall lvestats-serverkillall lvestats-server Step 2 – Ensure sureno more lve is running. ps aux|grep lveps aux|grep lve Step 3 – Reset lve db. mv /var/lve/lveinfo.db /var/lve/lveinfo.dbmv /var/lve/lveinfo.db /var/lve/lveinfo.db Step 4 – Restart lve services. service lvestats restartservice lvestats restart To check if lve is enabled and […]