Delegate Access

In the portal, you are able to delegate and give specific roles to secondary users. To delegate access to others, click on My Account >> Delegate Access. Delegate Access Button   To delegate access, follow the steps below: Step 1:  Enter an email address for the secondary user you’d like to grant account access. *Before

How To Enable SSL for IMAP And POP3

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are cryptographic protocols that are designed to provide communication security over the internet. They use X.509 certificates and hence, asymmetric cryptography to assure the counterparty whom they are talking with and to exchange a symmetric key. This session key is then used to encrypt data flowing between the parties. This allows

Securing WordPress in Plesk 12.5

To check and secure WordPress installations: Go to Websites & Domains > WordPress. Do one of the following: To check the security of all WordPress installations, click Check Security. To secure a single WordPress installation, click the icon in the S column next to the name of the desired WordPress installation. To secure two or more

How To Change SSH Daemon Port Number

SSH daemon port will listen to port 22 by default. To change the SSH port number, you can follow the tutorial guide. Step 1 – Access your web server, using the default port number 22 or existing port number. Step 2 – Edit the sshd configuration. vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Step 3 – Search for the line

Allocate IP Address in WebsitePanel

Step 1: At the user account page, click on the “IP Addresses” icon.   Step 2: Click the “Allocate…” button to allocate IP addresses available in your domain’s IP pool to the created websites.   If your IP pool is empty, you can allocate more IP addresses on the reseller level (created by choosing “reseller” as account type