MYNIC – Reset or Retrieving access details for admin MYNIC portal

Step 1: If you have forgotten the access to the MYNIC management portal or Ichoose Selfcare at can retrieve it by click on forgot username or forgot password. Step 2: For forgot username, enter domain name wish to get the access and email address is an admin email address as stated in whois

How to Change the PHP Version for cPanel

If you run your own cPanel server or use our SME hosting service, you are given the option of running different versions of PHP to suit your requirements. Changing the PHP version 1. Login to your cPanel control panel 2. Under Software, click MultiPHP Manager 3. For this example, the current version for this domain

Setup LEMP on Ubuntu

LEMP is an acronym for Linux, Nginx (Engine x), MySQL, and PHP. It is needed to run web servers due to it containing various software required for other web content management software, such as WordPress and also Joomla. LEMP is similar to LAMP, where LAMP uses Apache instead of Nginx as open-source web servers. Apache

Dashboard Overview

The image below is the overview of the Dashboard.  New Order button will direct you to make new purchases.  Shopping cart is where selected services are stored and can be checked out.  Shows User’s Name and few selections on account settings, products renewals and log out. The services that are about to expire will be

How to Edit Existing Security Group

Prerequisite: Launched your first instance from Portal.   Step 1: Navigate to the region that your instance is created. Note: Security Groups setting differ by region.   Step 2: Go to the Security Groups tab and click Manage Rules to edit your rules.   Step 3: Add a new rule to your Security Group.