How to Enable Apache ExtendedStatus

In order to enable the Apache ExtendedStatus in your server, you will need to SSH to your server first with root access. After that please follow the steps below.   Step 1: Edit httpd.conf file:- vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf   Step 2: Add the code below into the httpd.conf file:- ExtendedStatus On SetHandler server-status Step 3: Please

How To Install And Configure vsFTPd (Linux)

IMPORTANT: – SELinux must be “DISABLED”  before you can proceed. Read more: How to disable SELinux.   For Centos Platform Step 1 – Run the command below to install vsftpd using your server’s terminal. yum install vsftpd -y   Step 2 – Navigate to /etc/vsftpd directory and copy a backup of vsftpd.conf cd /etc/vsftpd cp -p vsftpd.conf