How To Manage Email Accounts in cPanel

Email Account Management To create new email accounts in cPanel, browse to the email section of the control panel and select “Email Accounts”. The Email Accounts menu is for the management of email accounts, where email accounts can be created or deleted or have restrictions imposed. Click on “Create” to create a new email account.

How to Unsuspend a Domain In Zimbra Through SSH

If you get the following error when attempting to change the domain’s password:- ERROR: service.PERM_DENIED (permission denied: domain is suspended)   Perform the steps below to unsuspend it through SSH Step 1 – SSH into the Zimbra server   Step 2 – Run these commands to unsuspend it:- zmprov -l md zimbraDomainStatus active zmmailboxdctl

How to Configure Binding for SmarterMail 10.x

There are many possibilities that the mail server does not properly receive emails, you may also refer to the SmarterMail Knowledge Base at In this case, the mail server does not receive emails due to misconfiguration on the SmarterMail itself and it can be fixed by following the steps below.