How to manage Autoresponders in DirectAdmin

1. Login to DirectAdmin panel. 2. Click the button ‘Autoresponders’ from the section ‘E-Mail Management’. 3. Click ‘Create New Autoresponder’ button.     4. Enter the email address, auto reply message and click ‘Create’ button.   5. If you want to modify the autoresponder, click the ‘Modify’ button near to the corresponding autoresponder. 6. You

How to solve VM is Locked (backup) (500)

Proxmox. ERROR: VM is locked (backup) (500) Sometime customer wants to reboot their VM but unable due to OR Manual Proxmox backup process gets stuck, it impossible to make any changes to VM. You will get following error “VM is locked (backup) (500)” In order to solve this issue, simply run this command in the

How to setup Outlook using SSL (POP/IMAP)

This guide will show how to set up Outlook using IMAP protocol or POP protocol with SSL. 1. Go to File on top left 2. Click Add Account 3. Fill in the email address. Click Connect. 4. Chose either POP or IMAP. 5. Fill in the mail server settings. The Server hostname used should be: