How to install SSL Certificates in Cpanel

Log in to Cpanel and click on “SSL/TLS” 2.  Click on Private Keys and Generate a new Private Key with 4096 bits key size. Description based on preference. 3. Return to SSL/TLS interface and click on “Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)” 4. Choose the Key with the description that is being created previously. 5. Fill in

How to install SSL certificates in IIS (Window)

RDP to window server and open Internet Information Services Manager Click on Administrative Tools and click on “Server Certificate” Click on “Create Certificate Request Enter relevant Information 5. Next, In the Cryptographic Service Provider Properties Window, both settings at default. 6. Enter location to save CSR on window server 7. Click on SSL Invitation Link

How to enable Clam Scan with Mod Security

1.Login into DirectAdmin 2.Select “CustomBuild” 3.Select “Edit Options” 4.Select “YES” for modsecurity and modsecurity_ruleset is based on preference. 5.Under ClamAV-related Settings section, Select “YES” for clamav, modsecurity_uploadscan and pureftpd_uploadscan. 6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. 7.Select Software 8.Build ModSec and ClamAV 9.Click on Build and a new browser windows shall prompt out

How to Add Calendar/CalDAV to iPhone

The iPhone user can add the calendar from webmail into the device by using the CalDav function as guideline below: 1. Open the settings application 2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars 3. Tap Add Account 4. Tap Other as account type 5. Tap Add CalDAV account 6. For server, type 7. Enter your full email