Secondary User Login in Portal

When secondary user logs into the portal, they can navigate to the top right section and click on Management Mode button. Upon clicking on the Management Mode button, secondary users will be able to see the primary user’s name. To access the primary user’s account, simply click on the name. Notes: Secondary users may be

How to convert SSL .pem to pkcs12 .pfx format

All SSL Certificates comes in .pem format However, to import it into server such as Windows Server you may convert it into 1 file (.pfx) so that customer can important SSL certificate with 1 file with the password we have created with the file Prepare the followings : 1. signed certificates (save as signed.cer or

User Management in cPanel

cPanel is a control panel that allows for the easy management of all elements of your web hosting account. Logging in to cPanel will bring you to a screen that looks like this: Navigating is easily done in cPanel through the use of the search bar, highlighted in orange below: Let’s start off with creating