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Archive | August, 2019
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How to add a DNS zone in PDNS?

To add the DNS zone in PDNS, you will need to login to the link below :- follow the following steps :-Search for your domain :-Click on the edit button (icon next to delete image)Edit the DNS records :-Click on “Commit Changes”

Spam Filtering in cPanel

cPanel allows for the filtering of emails based on keywords. This feature can be can accessed by entering the Email Filters option on the cPanel menu.This will bring you to the Email Filters menu. Here, you can manage the filters for each individual email account. Click on Manage Filters to bring you to the filter […]

Managing Spam Emails with SpamAssassin

cPanel comes equipped with several tools that allow you to effectively combat spam from being sent to your email accounts. This article will go through how to use and configure your spam filtering tools.Refer to this guide if your server is running a legacy version of cPanel.Spam FilteringStart by navigating to Spam Filters.This will bring […]

Setting up FTP Accounts on cPanel

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network.To create and set up access to FTP accounts for your domain, first login to your cPanel control panel and select FTP Accounts.In this menu, you will be given the option […]

Getting Started: Understanding DNS Records

DNS (Domain Name System) is like an address book for the internet. What it does, is maintain a directory of domain names and the IP addresses that they are tied to.In layman’s terms, devices use IP adresses to communicate with each other over the internet. IP addresses are difficult to remember, which is why websites […]

Difference Between a Paid and Free SSL

What is an SSLAn SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and serves as a form of security for that encrypts traffic between a web browser and a server. Data that is transferred between a computer and a web server is in plain text if the website was not secured using an SSL. This means that any information […]