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Windows Server 2008 setup task scheduler

Go to administrative tools, task scheduler.  Then right click on Task Scheduler and select Create Task Name the task, in this example “Reboot Weekly Saturday 2am”Change settings to run whether user is logged in or not. Change User/Group and type in SYSTEM.On the Triggers tab, select New and fill in your schedule and make sure to check […]

Filezilla timeout after 20 seconds

1. Open Filezilla FTP client program.2. In the menus, click on Edit and select Settings…3. Under Connection section, change the timeout interval from the default of 20 seconds to 0.4. Click “Ok” to save these changes.

Cloudflare SpamExpert installation

 1. Login to your cloudflare and select DNS     2. Remove all MX record, which at A record and MX record  3.  Add antispam MX record  with the details :Name : []  – 10  – 20 Priority  – 30  – 40 Priority   4. Add SPF record to allow the mailserver to use SPF record add in : […]

How to get the Email Header in Outlook 2016

The email header is a code snippet in the HTML email document, which contains information about the sender, the recipient, the email’s route to get to the inbox, and various authentification details.In order to get the email header in Outlook 2016, kindly perform the steps below: 1. Open the Outlook 20162. Double click on the email […]

How to create Vacation / Out of Office message (Directadmin)

When you are away on holiday, a Vacation Message can be set up as an automatic reply to answer your incoming emails.Here is a sample vacation message.Click on the vacation messages.     2. Select “Set Vacation Message“     3. Select which email account and fill up all the detail. Then click “Create“.Hope it help!Thank you

How to convert SSL .pem to pkcs12 .pfx format

All SSL Certificates comes in .pem formatHowever, to import it into server such as Windows Server you may convert it into 1 file (.pfx) so that customer can important SSL certificate with 1 file with the password we have created with the filePrepare the followings :1. signed certificates (save as signed.cer or signed.crt)2. private key […]

How To Purchase FiDrive

Here are the steps to purchase FiDrive:Login into your IPServerOne Customer Portal.Upon successful login, click “New Order”, then click on FiDrive new order button.      Select your desired FiDrive plan.  Add a domain name by 1) purchasing a new domain, 2) use existing domain name or 3) use a generated domain name. Then setup a password. The password […]