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Archive | August, 2017
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Linux Malware Scanner – AI-Bolit

There are many great tools to scan for malware within you web directory. The other alternative available other than Maldet is AI-Bolit. It is a neat tool built using PHP. Requirement: PHP5.3 and above SSH into your server and go to public_html directory Download AI-Bolit scanner by using links. If you don’t have it installed, you can install […]

How to traceroute using Command Prompt

1.  Open your Command Prompt. 2. Type this command : tracert [hostname]  eg : tracert[hostname] is the name of the server connection you are testing 3. and send us the result like below to  Check out the Video for the command line steps on how to use the tracert command on cmd prompt.

Global Email Filters in cPanel

How To Create Filter1) Login into your cPanel. 2) Choose Global Email Filters.3) Click at Create a New Filter 4) Enter the filter’s name in Filter Name.5) Configure your filter’s rules and actions. 6) Click create.